Letter: TV times

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Sir: I share the dismay of Alastair Burnet and others at the proposed scrapping of News at Ten (report, 2 September).

Most of the time it is the only programme I care to watch. For me, as a teacher, the Bong marks the end of my working day, when I can at last set aside my marking and preparation and settle down to the soothing presence of Trevor MacDonald. As for that argumentative and sneering bunch over on BBC2, they just make me want to shout, "Will you lot stop that stupid squabbling?"

What I really love is well made, intelligent, well acted drama. But there is so little of it these days that with the loss of News at Ten we may as well throw the television out and save the licence fee. How I'm going to wind down at 10 o'clock is not clear.


Richmond, Surrey