Letter: Tycoon vs the euro

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Sir: If, as polls commissioned by Paul Sykes have found, 93 per cent of the British people want to know more about the euro, it is not because there has been a shortage of people telling them why monetary union is a bad idea. I doubt that this 93 per cent will be too excited by the idea of another batch of anti-euro videos landing on their doormat.

The British people are intelligent enough to know that there are two sides to the argument. Many (including myself) have yet to make their minds up. Paul Sykes feels that he "owes it to the British people" to fund an anti-euro campaign. How public spirited of him. If he truly wants to provide a service, he should help people to make their own minds up, rather than ramming his opinions down their throats. A well-funded but balanced public education programme would be of far greater value.


London W12