Letter: Tycoon vs the euro

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Sir: Anne McElvoy ("Are the Tories dying out", 24 August) includes "Britain out of the EU tomorrow" as one example of "impossibilism". Well, yes, if she really means tomorrow or even soon. However, our exit from the EU is not impossible, just as our entry into the EMU is not inevitable or necessary.

Greater public awareness through the media of the dire consequences of both the EU and EMU membership is required. What we get, not least from the BBC, sadly, is a stream of Europhile platitudes, unsupported assertions and downright untruths, all building on the theme of inevitability and necessity.

Your recent Millbank on-message letter from Bill Rammell MP (4 August) provided a neat illustration. "The Euro is now virtually a reality [did he mean virtual reality?] ... people are focusing on a choice ... A single currency with lower interest rates, lower inflation, more jobs and a means to tackle currency speculation ..." And the weather will always be fine on bank holidays,because the EU will fix it for us.


Slough, Berkshire