Letter: Unfair to Islam?

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Sir: The article about Western converts to Islam was helpful in exposing some stereotypes. It would have been even better if it had compared the treatment of converts from one religion to another. A Muslim converting to Christianity faces death threats.

Why convert? The key difference between the two religions is how to please God.

Islam is about submission. One of the converts interviewed called for an updating of the cutting off of hands for theft, but she has missed the point about submission. The Koran requires this punishment and is therefore not open to updating by a true Muslim.

The Christian believes that God is so pure and people so impure that no amount of submission and obedience is enough. God is loving and He sent His Son, Jesus, to take the punishment for our wrongs in our place.

So the difference is that Islam is about what people do and Christianity is about what Jesus has already done. Islam gives a framework for people wanting to justify themselves. Christianity provides a way for those who admit they cannot.


Haywards Heath, West Sussex