Letter: Unfair votes

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Sir: Lord Parkinson asserts ("Right of Reply", 26 August) that "Independent research suggests that our electoral system is more proportional than any form of PR." Did that research cover the result of the 1951 general election in which Labour received most votes but the Tories won more seats and formed the government? Or the 1974 result when the Tories received most votes but Labour won more seats and formed the government? Or even the 1997 general election when the Liberal Democrats got 13 per cent of the votes in Scotland and won 10 seats, against the Conservatives' 17 per cent of Scottish votes but no seats?

The looming anti-PR alliance between the Conservatives and Old Labour is interesting. What is not surprising is the reactionary attitude of the Tory Party. They opposed the last major electoral reform - votes for women.


Waterlooville, Hampshire