Letter: Ungrateful Saddam

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Sir: With reference to the correspondence (Letters, 20, 22 June) prompted by Felicity Arbuthnot's article "Baghdad Stories"; it is a fact that whatever the international community do, Saddam Hussein will find ways to use the Iraqi people as a pawn in his deadly game.

The Kuwait Red Crescent Society announced on 23 May its intention to take humanitarian aid inside Iraq. The aid was to be distributed directly to the Iraqi people by Kuwaiti volunteers because it was feared that if the aid was simply handed to the Iraqi authorities, it would go to the regime's cronies rather than those most in need.

On 27 May the head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Mr Alloush, said that Iraq would welcome the Kuwait Red Crescent Society into Iraq, adding: "We have accepted aid from humanitarian agencies and from the Red Crescent Societies of many countries."

Saddam Hussein evidently became worried by such "people to people contact", which moreover bypassed him. Reverting to type, on 6 June he issued an order banning forthwith "all items listed under the title `humanitarian aid' " from abroad. What further evidence does one need to prove that it is Saddam Hussein who is responsible for the horrendous suffering of the Iraqi people?



Kuwait Information Centre

Embassy of the State of Kuwait

London SW7