Letter: Useless Nato

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Sir: Once again David Aaronovitch is bang on the money with his Balkan assessment (Comment, 11 May). And once again I have e-mailed his column to family and friends in the United States and Canada, who have applauded his previous ones.

His assessment contrasts with the Chicken Little panic which gripped much of the media in the wake of the embassy bombing, and the implied fear that Chinese ICBMs will soon rain down on Bognor Regis.

I hope Mr Aaronovitch is read at the White House. As a lifelong Liberal Democrat I have supported Bill Clinton through thick and thin. But now that Mr Clinton has the chance to erase the stain of the Lewinsky affair by forceful leadership with the threat of the use of ground troops he has proven a craven political coward.


Midhurst, West Sussex