Letter: Verdict on GM trials

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Sir: In your editorial "Greenpeace takes direct action against its own credibility" (28 July), you ask: "Is the whole of the British environment so threatened by seven - now four - GM crop trials?" Is a threat to only some of the environment therefore acceptable? Your suggestion that we should continue the trials to see whether they have an "awful effect on the environment" beggars belief.

As organisers of a recent well attended and mannerly local public meeting held near the site in Lyng, we had no idea that Greenpeace were arranging this direct action. We have been researching the potential risks of this crop to all local people's livelihoods, as well as the environment.

We are taking the democratic road, and yet we are constantly frustrated by the evasiveness that meets our direct questions. Time after time our letters go unanswered and our calls are not returned. There seems nothing ordinary people can do to prevent this unnecessary and unwanted technology being forced upon us in the interests of big business. It's not about science; it's about money.

Yes, we did vote for this government. No, they don't listen to our concerns.


Sparham, Norfolk