Letter: Victims of fame

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Sir: The footballer David Beckham has got his driving licence back after pleading that at the time he exceeded the speed limit he was being pursued by a paparazzo photographer.

Obviously, the problem this time was that arrangements were not made beforehand to sell the photographs for a six-figure sum. Photographs of his wedding were sold for pounds 1m. Practically every day since the Spice Girls, Mr Beckham's wife among them, began their career, photographs and stories about them have been planted in the tabloid press in the name of publicity.

Celebrities, who owe fame and fortune to being constantly in the public eye, do not have the right to complain when they are in constant demand by photographers. Diana, Princess of Wales, was also a participant in this game.

The maxim "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" was never more appropriate than in these days of celebrity idolatry.