Letter: Victory for the US

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Sir: Ben Morgan (letter, 14 June) condemns Robert Fisk, "visionary, poet", for his descriptive style. Fisk has been almost alone amid an ocean of rhetoric in reminding the world that behind the carnage, behind the facile cant - "teaching Milosevic a lesson", "Milosevic's murder machine", "the enemy" - are tragedies, broken lives, sons, daughters, parents, children - and burned homes in poppy fields.

Dehumanisation has always been the propaganda game of war. George Orwell wrote of being drawn into it in the Spanish Civil War until, in the early dawn, as a shell fell, he watched "the enemy", a youth, stumbling naked, half asleep out of a dug-out, pulling on his trousers. "Suddenly I saw, so palpably, a young, vulnerable, fellow human being".


London E9