Letter: Vote for us

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Sir: It is difficult to believe that we have and independent commission on the voting system currently sitting to recommend an alternative to the existing first-past-the-post system.

We read how Tony Blair is having difficulty in deciding how far to go on PR ("Blair delays PR until next parliament", 4 September) and how William Hague is determined to fight all-out to retain first-past-the-post in order to preserve the possibility of gaining total control from time to time.

Both Tories and Labour are desperate to ensure that any change results in advantage for their party, without concern for the electorate or the health of democracy, without searching for ways to overcome the general alienation of the people from politicians and the process of government.

Is it beyond hope that Lord Jenkins will propose a system which discounts party power and party advantage and is devised solely for the health of our democracy? Are we all going to lie supine while the party politicians decide which option suits their interests best and can therefore be put to the people in a referendum to give an illusion of choice?