Letter: Votes that count

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Sir: It must be the oldest spin in the history of elections to claim that those who did not vote were really supporting the view of the person giving the spin (letter, 10 June).

The reasons for low turnout, if it occurs, in the European elections are far more likely to include: my vote won't make any difference; the choice of MEP won't make any difference to my life; there is no excitement such as comes from a gladiatorial fight in which winner takes all.

It is to be hoped that the British voter will, however gradually, come to realise that a proportional voting system, however imperfect, eliminates the idea that one's vote will make no difference.

Every vote will count in these elections and there is a much better prospect than obtains under first-past-the-post that at least one of the MEPs in your constituency is of the party you supported.

The idea will gradually dawn that elections can result in due representation and your correspondent should realise that his "protest" would be far more effective if he voted for the candidate or party that shared his views.


Make Votes Count in the South East

Eastbourne, East Sussex