Letter: War's dilemmas

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Sir: Your editorial on Ireland's decision to prevent the Euro2000 qualifier with Yugoslavia ("Ireland's futile stand against ethnic terror", 3 June) is muddle-headed and patronising.

You argue that Ireland should play the game in the absence of UN sporting sanctions. Yet you support bombardment of Yugoslav cities in the absence of a UN mandate.

You trot out the cliche that the West's quarrel is not with the Serbian people but with their regime.

So does the logic by which Nato deprives these people of their roads, railways, power, and water break down when it comes to Ireland depriving them of football?

You imply that because Ireland is not bombing Yugoslavia it need not get involved. Small countries, it seems, are to leave international relations to the big boys and their missiles.

While the Kosovars remain in fear and exile why should Yugoslavia enjoy any expression of normal relations with the international community?