Letter: Wealth of learning

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Sir: Jane Sutcliffe (letter, 25 January) says she was never afforded the opportunity to attend Oxford. This is strange, as the opportunity is offered to all, without regard to social background or parental wealth. All it requires is ability.

At least, that was the case up until now. From this year, under the system Ms Sutcliffe supports, it is also necessary to find several thousand pounds to pay for the privilege of being educated. People from backgrounds like mine, whose families are not wealthy, and who have been brought up with a view that debt is best avoided, will now be discriminated against, favouring the wealthy over the able.

This is not the principle upon which most people want to see university education allocated, and it is to the detriment of society. It benefits us all to see the most able pushed to the limits of their ability at institutions like Oxford.


London E14