Letter: We're no nerds

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Sir: As a female member of Mensa for the past 18 years (longer, I believe, than Julie Baxter) I deeply resent the nature of recent coverage concerning our society ("Angry chairman to set up Mensa rival", 28 September). While Ms Baxter seems determined to peddle her concept of "emotional maturity", and use the media to kickstart her Atticus concept, few members of Mensa have been given the opportunity to refute her allegations concerning our collective nature.

Ms Baxter would have it that Mensan men are deeply misogynistic and incapable, on the whole, of sustaining "proper" relationships. This is patently untrue and deeply wounding.

The media is once again perpetuating the myth that we are sandcastle- building nerds, anorak-clad and panic-prone if we are separated from our computers.

I, and doubtless a number of other members, do not wish to be represented in the unilateral manner which it seems is currently being punted by a woman who was perfectly content to belong to our nerdy, inadequate ranks until she was ousted from office.


Kendal, Cumbria