Letter: Whitehall on the Web

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Whitehall on the Web

Sir: The Government welcomes the National Audit Office report Government on the Web. We share the belief that the Internet will be an increasingly important way for us to deliver services and information ("Whitehall could save by improving its websites", 15 December).

Our target is to have 25 per cent of our services electronically available by 2002.

We have also launched significant new initiatives to boost the Government's presence on the Web, which are tackling shortcomings outlined in the report.

Last week we published new website guidelines which will improve design, navigation and accessibility across government. I also announced the setting up of a new media team in the Cabinet Office. It will monitor performance against the guidelines, provide advice and ensure departments improve standards.

And we have commissioned a new study by the Performance and Innovation Unit on how departments can accelerate the development of online services.

The Internet provides us with the chance to revolutionise the way we deliver public services and information. Through the click of a button, people can unlock the door to Government advice and support. We are determined not to miss out on the opportunities the Web presents.


Minister of State at the Cabinet Office

London W1