Letter: Whither Pinochet?

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Sir: Through Pinochet the Falklands War has again cast its long shadow over British political life. May I suggest that it would be appropriate for a House of Commons select committee to be established to consider a number of serious, but as yet unresolved questions?

Firstly, that this country precipitated the Falklands crisis by the withdrawal of the ice patrol vessel HMS Endurance, suggesting a lack of commitment to the islands prior to the war.

Secondly that there was a critical failure on the part of our intelligence services and GCHQ to warn the British government of impending invasion. (Of course we didn't know about Kuwait either). We take it on trust that our government were not warned of imminent Argentinian aggression.

Thirdly, and possibly the most serious allegation, was that it was against military advice that the task force was sent to the Falklands. The unanswered allegation being that the military assessment at the time, overruled by the government, was that there was a significant possibility of failure.


St Albans, Hertfordshire