Letter: Whither Pinochet?

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Sir: We are happy to see debate take place on the rights and wrongs of arresting General Pinochet in London, and also about bringing political leaders to book for dreadful crimes against humanity. However, we are concerned to see that while newspapers are devoting much space in the front pages to this issue, information and debate about Kosovo, where dreadful crimes are being perpetrated against civilians, now lies submerged in the back pages.

Your own reports point out that Milosevic is not honouring his agreement with Holbrooke (who would be surprised?) ("Fatal skirmish gives the lie to peace in Kosovo", 19 October), yet the invisibility of this story might lead readers to think that peace and protection have been won for the people of Kosovo. On the contrary, this may be a critical time for the displaced of Kosovo, who face a winter in the open and the real possibility of renewed attack by Milosevic's soldiers and police forces.