Letter: Whose war crimes?

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Sir: If Louise Arbour and the International War Crimes Tribunal are truly independent, and not simply engaged in providing cover for Messrs Clinton and Blair, we look forward to reading of the indictment for crimes against humanity and the issuing of international arrest warrants against others ("Milosevic charge splits Allies", 28 May).

These include Croatian leaders for war crimes reported by the UN against Krajina Serbs, Israeli leaders for war crimes in Lebanon witnessed by UN peacekeepers, Indonesian leaders for war crimes in East Timor, Turkish leaders for crimes against Kurds, Chinese leaders for crimes in Tibet, as well as Messrs Clinton and Blair for war crimes against the civilian population of Yugoslavia.

If the court is fair and independent, these leaders will have a chance to establish their innocence, but there is surely enough evidence for the issuing of indictments and arrest warrants.

The absence of these indictments and warrants forces one to doubt the court's independence, especially as the timing of Ms Arbour's move demolishes the latest chance for peace. Or does the absence of these indictments indicate that Ms Arbour doubts the humanity of the victims of other war crimes?