Letter: Women in Islam

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Sir: Natasha Walter has fallen into the seductive trap of out-of-date Victorian images when discussing Muslim women's issues. ("Is public modesty really what today's women want?", 19 June).

She writes: "The extreme value put on modesty means that even rape and domestic violence simply won't be spoken about." Tosh. Access the Internet and you'll find details of well-organised women's groups both here and abroad (including Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) devoted almost exclusively to the issues raised.

Muslim women and girls are rapidly learning of their God-given rights within the Shariah (Islamic law) and nowhere does it allow men to rape and beat their wives and sisters. However, both men and women are instructed to control their baser desires in order to keep family life buoyant.

Rest assured, quietly, efficiently, and yes, even, modestly, Muslim sisters are at last addressing these issues for themselves.


Hayes, Middlesex