Letter: Zimbabwe's liberty

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Sir: The impression created that the government of Zimbabwe is not committed to press freedom and human rights is both misleading and incredible.

The independent press in Zimbabwe is vibrant but the freedom it enjoys should never include the right to deliberately propagate untruths that are calculated to undermine the security of the state.

The media is still free to cover all the issues of their choice provided they are not abusing their position to deliberately destabilise the country. The media chooses to ignore facts that would present Zimbabwe in a positive light.

The issue of the journalists alleged to have been tortured is now being handled by the relevant authorities according to the law of the land. The government has not prevented either the police or the Attorney General from investigating or prosecuting those alleged to have tortured the journalists.

However, this should not detract from the source of the problem - the manufacturing of stories by the media designed to create alarm and despondency.

As for calls for change of government, the people of Zimbabwe have an opportunity every five years to elect the leadership of their own country.

It should not escape those that are promoting certain interests that Zimbabweans will again be free to choose their own government during next year's elections.

The current government has never prevented any individual politician, trade unionist, member of the judiciary or commercial farmer from participating in the general elections.

What is important is for potential candidates to realise that their manifestos should reflect the general aspirations of the majority of Zimbabweans if they would like to be taken seriously by the electorate within the country.


Acting High Commissioner

High Commission of the Republic of Zimbabwe

London WC2