Letter:No Tory place for us

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Letter:No Tory place for us

Sir: Anne McElvoy (Comment, 16 June) suggests that the Prime Minister should drop his undertaking to hold a referendum on British adoption of the euro, now that it seems more likely that he would lose. Instead she suggests that he should simply promise not to adopt the euro unless he thought there was proof that it would be in Britain's interest.

What about the views of the rest of us? That polling currently suggests a vote would be two-to-one against the euro is no reason to deny people their choice.

Let us have instead from the Prime Minister a clear statement on the date when he plans to hold the referendum. Then campaigners on both sides of the argument can prepare to offer their views to the electorate, and we can all make a choice without too many cries of "We wuz robbed" from those disappointed.


Richmond upon Thames, Surrey