Letters: A Serb baffled

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Sir: In reply to Anthony Arblaster (letter, 10 April), my partner is Serbian, and she abhors Milosevic and all his works and is appalled by the plight of the Kosovan refugees.

However, she is also appalled by the demonising of all Serbs, as if each Serb was a Milosevic clone. She is distressed by the bombing of her own country, which has predictably driven even opponents of Milosevic to support him. She is incredulous that Nato thought that bombing (preceded by the withdrawal of OSCE observers,) would prompt extreme nationalists to shout, "I give up!" rather than accelerate their ethnic cleansing. She is baffled by the West's support for the KLA, a terrorist organisation which has killed many Serb civilians.

And she is disgusted by critics who forget the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs from the Krajina region of Croatia. (Her aunt died on that trek). Apparently ethnic cleansing is morally OK and invisible to the media if it is carried out by a friendly state, but wicked when it is carried out by an enemy.

I endorse every one of these points.


Beckenham, Kent