Letters: African diversity

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Sir: I was slightly disturbed by Donna Kobura's comments ("The truth about our 15-stone aunts", 11 August). I take issue with her idea that black people have no future in this country and the best solution would be to return to Africa or wherever. This really is a short-sighted view.

Is she really saying that those who have been raised in England and speak only English should return to a country with a different culture and language?

This country provides a greater opportunity for black people than Africa or the West Indies. Educational access is greater and business opportunities are greater. More importantly, the stability factor and greater transparency and accountability of government mean that any business opportunities are long-lasting rather than subject to the whims of political leaders.

To run away is to undermine the years of struggle of those who have made titanic contributions to the re-making of modern Britain, in terms of diversity (fashion, music and cuisines) and businesses. We must stay and participate because we can do much to bring life and style to this country.

For many of us Africa and Asia practice politics that are beyond the pale and it cannot be blamed on the legacy of colonialism. This country gives us greater opportunities as individuals rather than as members of some religious group, tribe or caste.