Letters: Care or Greed

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Sir: The debate rumbles on about the cost of providing care for the elderly in residential homes ("Ministers may reject free care for elderly", 2 March; letters, 4 March).

No one can live in two homes at once, so it is natural to sell the unoccupied property. The sense of injustice felt by the children is only that the money is going towards the cost of the parent's care and not into their own pockets. Having a property to sell gives the aged parent both choice and quality of care in their remaining years which they otherwise might not have. The money is theirs to spend as they choose.

For those children who want the money for themselves, the answer is clear. You look after the parent, and look at the house sale proceeds as a just reward. A job which the majority of caring children already do for love and for free.

The whole debate is not about fairness and care, but about money and greed.


Ampthill, Bedfordshire