Letters: Charting the way

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Sir: Sarah Fry's reply to Terence Blacker (letter, 1 July) would no doubt be different were she in the habit of getting out of her car and walking. Every day there are motorists (of both sexes) stopped by the kerbside, motor running, summoning to their sides the nearest pedestrian in order to seek directions.

Not one in a hundred has the courtesy to get out, stand up and meet on equal terms the person from whom he/she is seeking a favour. If their summonses are ignored, they can get very cross, showing no gratitude at all for the non-acceptance of an opportunity to misdirect them.

I would advise Mistress Fry that she should acquire maps for her journeys, that she should learn to read them and that she should not rely on the availability of local knowledge provided without charge by forelock-tugging peasants.


Erith, Kent