Letters: Curb the car

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Sir: Michael Gwilliam (letter, 18 June) has my wholehearted support in a quest for a reduction in traffic. There is no easy solution. However, I am convinced that the voting public would endorse a limit to the growth in vehicle registrations.

In Singapore, there is a downward allowance in the increase in vehicle registrations, from 5 per cent per annum growth in 1990, to 3 per cent, and eventually no growth at all. This is in an emerging economy where many people want to benefit from increased prosperity by owning a car. In a developed society like ours, we have neither the room nor the need for any faster increase in car ownership, and we should introduce a "zero increase" policy as soon as possible.

People will begin to find alternative ways of going about their business or enjoying life in a way that does not have a high price in traffic congestion. Then we can start to talk about traffic reduction.


Senior Lecturer

Highway Engineering and Transportation

University of Glamorgan