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Sir: The Arts Council of England is advertising two senior vacancies in its management team. One is the Director of Music ("one of the most influential music posts in England"), salary up to pounds 50,000. The other is Executive Director of Communications ("to head up its external and internal communications activities"), salary range pounds 56,000-pounds 70,000 plus performance bonus. Are we to deduce from the differentials in the salaries offered the relative value and importance with which the council regards these two positions?



Sir: When I was at school in the early 1940s the local sewage works was near one of the school playing fields. I well remember not only the abundant tomato plants (letters, 26 February, 1 March) but also the tomatoes! Some of them found their way into the kitchens of the local council employees. I believe they were considered wartime "perks".


London EC2

Sir: Lily Turner (letter, 3 March) wonders how the mother of a sick child would cope with the NHS Direct telephone advice service. The correct course of action for a mother with a very sick child is to bring the child to the surgery where he or she can be promptly and properly examined, rather than wait for a home visit. Hopefully any kind of nurse triage system would offer this safe and sensible advice.


Rugby, Warwickshire

Sir: David Aaronovitch may have jumped to an unwarranted conclusion when he reacted so strongly to the notion of changing his name (Comment, 2 March). How many times has he been irritated by misspelt versions?

I recently telephoned an office to speak with a Mr Nakonieczny, but got through first to his colleague. "By the way," I asked, "how do you pronounce his name?"

"I've no idea," came the reply. "We call him Steven."


London W13