Letters In Brief

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Sir: Lord Denning was not "the century's greatest judge" (report, 6 March). He did a lot of harm to British justice by refusing to accept the appalling vista that British police could lie in court and he actually believed that the Birmingham Six should have been hanged to cover up the injustice. If he is the greatest, God save us from the best.


Secretary, Irish Community Arts Project


Sir: David Blunkett "is likely to invite private firms and neighbouring councils" to bid for management of schools in Hackney, east London (report, 4 March). If private firms can run schools, does this mean that, if an industrial firm looks like becoming bankrupt, schoolteachers will be brought in to run it? Perhaps the CBI would like to comment?


Northfleet, Kent

Sir: Rather than a meaningless financial penalty for his taunts at Graeme Le Saux, the Football Association should insist that Robbie Fowler plays the remainder of the season with a pink triangle sewn on his shirt.


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Sir: Small wonder that Marks and Spencer is on its beam-ends if it spends good money to listen to the retail consultants Verdict deliver an opinion on "the re-ranging and price repositioning processes" ("Clothing sales battle is set to intensify", 8 March). A streamlined company would refer to altering the prices.


Chinnor, Oxfordshire