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Sir: Like the majority of people that I speak to, I find myself horrified by Tony Blair persisting in believing that most people in this country do support joining the euro. They don't. I am also horrified by the realisation that, come the next election, regardless of the fact that I grew up in the Thatcher era, I may have to vote Tory! I won't be able to hold my head up in public.



Sir: To those Jeremy Corbyns among your readers could I say how profoundly upsetting it is to see a parent sacrifice the needs and future of their children to a mere political doctrine ("Left-wing MP's son `to attend grammar' ", 12 May). Becoming a father must mean downplaying such ego posturing and there is absolutely nothing commendable or principled about Mr Corbyn's astonishing betrayal of his common duty. Thank goodness the PM is more human.


London NW3

Sir: I have been pleased at national concern about the use of mobile phones by drivers, and the sensible discussion taking place about the effect of conversation with passengers.

There is another problem, the excessive politeness factor. I have several times had to advise drivers, when I have been sitting alongside them, that they should not turn to face me when speaking. There have even been occasions when I have been sitting in the rear near-side seat and the driver has turned to face me!


Newbury, Wiltshire

Sir: "We are not prepared to write people off at the age of 50" said a government source ("Three million are now claiming sickness benefit", 13 May.) Really! As a 52-year-old teacher I was offered not one job in 18 months' registration with the Government's "Employment Service".



West Yorkshire