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Sir: It is not quite true, as Gerard Mulholland claims, that when John Smith died so too did Old Labour (letter, 13 May). Left in place were many of Smith's front-bench appointees - his Scottish cronies. They are now running and ruining the country.


Eastbourne, East Sussex

Sir: The Crown Prosecution Service is accused of condoning racism in its staff and says in its response that it "can ill afford to lose lawyers of real talent" ("Inquiry into CPS race bias claims", 17 May). How can you be a good lawyer if you show racial bias? If such bias is shown to your work colleagues, how much more likely is it to be shown when judging documentation on crimes to see if someone should or should not be prosecuted?


Menstrie, Scotland

Sir: I note with concern your description of the new curriculum as "everything children need to learn" (14 May). Looking down the list of subjects to be taught, I feel there is one serious omission: the teaching of religious knowledge, in particular the basics of Christianity. The teaching of right and wrong, which implicitly is the remit of citizenship, is founded in the holy Bible. The Bible, throughout history, has been crucial in the development of European civilisation, science included.


London N1