Letters: In Brief

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Sir: The Prince of Wales is reported to have spent 90 minutes with Dr Pusztai to discuss the latter's objections to GM foods. How lucky we are that in the last century, the then Prince of Wales spent all his time playing baccarat and entertaining his mistresses; otherwise we might have been told that the supply of electricity into our homes was a Frankenstein method of lighting and that we should continue to use candles.


London SW6

Sir: Sam Boote (letter, 14 June) advocates the overthrow of our system of land-holding as well as our monarchy; the Crown Estate dates from Saxon times and the former possessions of Edward the Confessor are listed in the Domesday Book. If there was a period in British history when all land was held by the community it must have been too remote for any record to survive.


London SW15

Sir: In saying saying violence starts in the home Andreas Whittam Smith (Comment, 14 June) could have added that films depicting violence on TV are more likely to influence those prone to that sort of behaviour than when shown in a cinema. On TV it may become difficult to separate fiction from fact because at the end of the film the lights don't go up and one doesn't file out into reality. The cinema is somewhere else; the TV is home.


Andover, Hampshire

Sir: The homosexual, like the heterosexual, has always been normal human behaviour. Bisexuality is the normal human condition. That it should be given as a reason for ensuring that Ron Davies should never get into the Welsh cabinet shames us all.


Chichester, West Sussex