Letters: In Brief

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Sir: I read with interest that the National Gallery's inner courtyards contain Nissan huts (report, 15 July), conjuring up a delightful image of rustic shelters for Japanese cars. Or maybe they are constructed from Japanese cars ... perhaps the Tate would be interested in buying one? How disappointing if they turn out to be common-or-garden Nissen huts.


Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Sir: What right has William Hague to call, following the setting up of the Scottish Parliament, for the banning of Scots MPs when purely English matters are debated in the Commons ("Blair told to ditch Welsh and Scottish ministers", 15 July)? If English MPs want to pass English law they should do so in a properly elected English Parliament. Mr Hague's suggestion strikes me as an attempt to set up an English Assembly without asking the electorate in England and, worse, without an election.


Grays, Essex

Sir: Mr Cuninghame is annoyed he will only receive pounds 200 if the AA is sold, the same as someone who has just jumped on the AA bandwagon (letter, 14 July). My husband has been a member of the AA for more than 50 years, and I have been a member for 30, yet neither of us will receive anything at all from the sale. Why? Because we have always paid our subscriptions through a group membership. Now that really is unfair.


Crookham Village, Hampshire

Sir: You report (15 July) that the Northern Spirit railway has appointed Ian McMillan as a "pop-up poet" to perform to passengers. A more telling argument for "ladies only" carriages I have yet to hear.


Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire