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Sir: Johnny Hallyday a French rock singer? ("Si, si, nous sommes des rock stars", 27 July). Born in Belgium I believe. Without him I am one short of my list of 10 famous Belgians.


Lymm, Cheshire

Sir: I read with sadness your report that the BBC has decided to put Yesterday in Parliament back onto FM. When they took it off I literally cheered. It had been like hitting a traffic jam every morning. The Today programme would breeze along, and then - blam. A load of jeering sheep and a stupid woman who kept saying "Order, order." We should not have to suffer because a small minority of radio users can't find Long Wave.


Richmond, Surrey

Sir: We too have our doubts about the rising number of "stress busters" ("Stressed out Britons create boom-time for therapists", 25 July). Whilst we are making progress towards regulation for counsellors, it is true that some practitioners operate beyond their competence. This is frowned upon by those who join our accreditation scheme. Shoulder massages and other "de-stressing" techniques do not constitute counselling.


Chief Executive

British Association for Counselling

Rugby, Warwickshire