Letters: In Brief

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Sir: Am I alone in not caring a jot about Des Lynam leaving the BBC (report, 3 August)? I regret the loss of test match cricket and wish the Beeb could show us the Ryder Cup but, as to who introduces sports programmes, anyone literate and knowledgeable will do. I would add that they shouldn't be overpaid for such pleasant work.


London N1

Sir: In his letter condemning the play Corpus Christi (12 August), Dr Majid Katme overlooks the fact that the British people set great store by free speech and tolerance. The religious bigotry which he supports has resulted in the deaths of thousands of gay people in both Christian and Islamic countries. He may think this is a good thing. We think it is evil.


Secretary, Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Sir: Let me point out that Charles Kennedy did not get 57 per cent of the vote in the Liberal Democrat leadership election (report, 10 August). He got 44.6 per cent. Simon Hughes got 31.8 per cent, Malcolm Bruce 9.1 per cent, Jackie Ballard 7.7 per cent and David Rendel 6.7 per cent. You reported the result after the transfer of votes for eliminated candidates. But those votes would not have been transferred if Charles had received more than 50-per-cent support in the first place.


Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Cambridge City Council

Sir: Mrs E Davidson, whose family lost their property in Palestine, is advised by Mr J D Norman (letter, 11 August) to sue those who were responsible for the Jews being displaced from Europe. But this is analogous to advising a landlord whose property has been taken over by a homeless family without his consent that he should make a claim against those who caused the family's homelessness in the first place. Can such a case be heard in any court?


Horsham, Surrey