Letters: In Brief

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Sir: Richard House (letters, 5 June) would have us believe that the fruits of scientific endeavour are culturally relative, rather than objective. This silly postmodernist idea suggests that alternative beliefs are as valid as any scientific theory. In dinner-table-speak, this notion is often expressed as "science is a belief system, just like religion".

So, if you believe the Earth is flat, you are no less correct than the majority who believe it is round. Likewise, an Indian yogi who believes he can fly really can defy the law of gravity. Dr House might wish to test his theory by stepping off the top of a tall building.


London SW12

Sir: Does Prince Charles realise that the genetic manipulation he so strongly opposes is the very reason why he exists? In the past the process has taken many generations and has been rather haphazard. He might, for example, like to consider George III. Science can now speed up the process to one or two generations.



Sir: It has been said that football is the "new rock'n'roll". In the light of recent events, I would suggest that football is, in fact, the new darts.


Brighton, East Sussex