Letters: In Brief

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Sir: You report (5 June) that the logo for the Millennium Experience has been produced at a cost of pounds 140,000. It is interesting to compare this with the pounds 105 that the late Abram Games received in 1948 for his winning design, based on Britannia's head, for the Festival of Britain symbol.


London SW16

Sir: The comments of Don Cruickshank, head of Action 2000 ("Water industry unprepared for millennium bug", 4 June), do not apply to every water company. Far from being unprepared, Thames Water has had a project in place to combat the problem since May 1995.


IT Director, Thames Water Utilities

Reading, Berkshire

Sir: I wonder whether other readers are concerned about the fact that while the cost of providing gas by privatised suppliers is regulated, essential safety servicing is not. In two years the maintenance of my system has risen 57 per cent; cover of my gas fire by a massive 315 per cent. British Gas are coy about the reasons for this.


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Sir: It has been accepted for some time now that "the polluter pays". How much longer therefore will it be before we introduce a "clearing up" levy on every piece of chewing gum sold?


Stamford, Lincolnshire