Letters: In Brief

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You brand Mr Kelvin MacKenzie "infamous" because he used the Gotcha headline "after the loss of 368 lives in the sinking of the Belgrano". (Talk Radio bid lures MacKenzie from Mirror, 9 June) Are you sure? A glance at the Sun shows the headline reads "Gotcha - our lads sink gunboat and hole cruiser". The headline refers to the gunboat. The news of the sinking of the Belgrano came through later. The headline was of course promptly scrapped, except for purposes of demonisation by the chattering classes.


University of Bristol

Pandora remarks (8 June) on the potential advantage/drawback arising from the design of the First Daughter's "Beetle". The First Family should read the report of a once-much-quoted divorce case (Yuill v Yuill 1945) which turned on the ability of the accused parties to commit adultery in the front seat of a lorry. The verdict (that love conquers all) appeared - it was observed - to have reflected some personal experience of the judge.


Downham Market, Norfolk