Letters: In Brief

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Sir: The almost universal support for Kosovo's independence, ignoring the "principle" of recognising a country's territorial integrity (Serbia's) is directly opposite to the attitude taken to the movement for the independence of the Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh, in Azerbaijan. There, the West is arguing against the claim of the Karabakhis and demanding that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan be respected. My suggestion to Serbia is that it immediately discover oil under its lands.


London W1

Sir: If by "the logo of the Millennium Experience" Robin Allington (letter, 11 June) means that skinny woman with an Australian war boomerang over her head and her hand about to clutch a lethal Chinese throwing-star, then I should think that for pounds 140,000, the designer could have thrown in a machine-gun.


Uxbridge, Middlesex

Sir: As the primary cause of tooth decay is sugar, is it not more appropriate to add fluoride to sugar rather than salt ("A pinch of fluoride in Scottish salt", 8 June)?


St Andrews, Fife