Letters: In Brief

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Sir: Does not Robert Fisk distort media coverage as much as those he criticises for referring to "disputed" as well as "occupied" territories in the Middle East ("US media mirror distorts Middle East", 10 June)? For nearly 2,000 years the Jews who were persecuted in or banished from their bit of the Middle East never gave up their claim to it or the hope of returning. Perhaps one day Mr Fisk can explain to his readers just how and when the land known as Israel became Arab land.



Sir: On the question of one-man buses and traffic jams (letter, 12 June), why do we not adopt the French practice of buying books of bus tickets from newsagents, thus eliminating the need for the driver to take money, give change and issue tickets? This would substantially reduce the time of every bus journey.


Brighton, East Sussex

Sir: Last week I scored my first "ton": 32 miles in a day's sponsored walking over the North York Moors two days after my 68th birthday. Is this the optimum mix of miles and years for achieving this kind of century?


London NW2