Letters: In Brief

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Sir: So far I have not seen a mention of reintroducing National Service as a means of dealing with so-called soccer hooliganism in your reader's suggestions. In my day, two years in a uniform was considered the only effective way of dealing with the many problems related to young men growing up, especially those who used violence in the process. I should add that I do not myself advocate such a measure but I feel your correspondence on the matter is incomplete without it.


London SW4

Sir: Your report on Bill Gates's investment in Cliveden plc (19 June) mentioned that the Cliveden estate is owned by the National Trust. The whole property continues to be open to the public, and under the terms of the lease to the hotel access to part of the house is guaranteed. Changes in the ownership of Cliveden plc shares, which are bound to occur from time to time, will not effect these arrangements.


Property Manger

Cliveden Estate

Taplow, Buckinghamshire

Sir: May I answer the question posed to Mr Frank Fraser by J Swainston concerning the number of beans in a bottle (You ask the Questions, 24 June)? After 59 seconds the bottle would be half full and contain approximatly 576 thousand million tons of one-gramme beans


Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordhsire