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Sir: There has been concern recently over mothers who have given their children for adoption and then endeavoured to re-establish contact. But what about the grandparents who have not only lost contact with their grandchildren through no choice of their own but have no legal rights to retain contact?

Grandparents are part of the child's growing up and will always have a unique bond. When will there be legal rights for grandchildren and grandparents to have contact? There are hundreds suffering in silence.


Harlow, Essex

Sir: "Bonking", in the sense Ani Harris describes (letter, 18 August), is still current usage among cyclists and by no means limited to the inter- war years. In Cycling for Fitness (Pan Books 1989), John Schubert uses the terms "bonking" and "getting the bonk" to describe the effects of glycogen depletion on a cyclist out riding.


St Helens, Merseyside