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Sir: So William Hague's Christmas card features a lonely shepherd trudging through the snow with only a few sheep for company. You couldn't make it up.


Newbury, Berkshire

Sir: Frank Dobson's ideas are "mostly welcome corrections" to community care, as your editorial suggests ("A genuine attempt to help the vulnerable", 9 December). However, it is unfortunate that to grab press attention he chooses to describe community care as failed and emphasised public safety ("Psychopaths to be locked up for safety", 9 December), thus reinforcing the public perception that a large group of dangerous individuals has been released in their midst and reinforcing stereotypes about mental illness.


Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Sir: The northern fringe of Bristol is controlled by a separate authority and competes with the city for office and shopping developments. It allows almost unlimited parking. Charges for parking in city centres, as proposed in the recent White Paper, will simply result in pressure for more out- of-town offices and shops to the detriment of the city centre. John Prescott should impose a uniform tax on business and retail parking, whether in city centres or on their fringes.



Sir: It is not often that you get good news from the clergy, but I am grateful to the Bishop of St Albans (letters, 12 December) for drawing my attention to the lack of an "act of worship" on BBC television's 25 December schedule. If I now heard that the Queen's message is also off, it might almost be safe to tune in.


Long Eaton,