Letters: In Brief

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Sir: The use of bloodhounds by the police (report, 1 September) is not new. Two bloodhounds, Barnaby and Burgho, were tested by the Metropolitan Police 110 years ago in the hunt for Jack the Ripper. The Commissioner, Sir Charles Warren, carried out tests with them in Hyde Park, but they were never put on the tracks of the criminal because, so long as they remained in London, no further murders were committed. Bloodhounds were used by provincial police forces much earlier in the 19th century.


Harlow, Essex

Sir: I can honestly say that I have never in all my 68 years been rendered so open-mouthed with indignation as I was at the statement (After Diana, 28 August), that the Queen - who I believe is the richest woman in the world - is to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer for even more of our money, through the Civil List, to promote some kind of PR job for herself and her kin.

Is there no limit to this woman's ignorance of the people she is supposed to represent and the reactions such outrageous conduct is likely to arouse?



Sir: Pandora (1 September) believes that the full refund offered by Selnas in the event of their baby sex-selection method failing to give the desired results is evidence of "impressive corporate confidence".

I too would be confident if pure chance ensured that 50 per cent of my customers would be satisfied, regardless of whether my product worked or not.


Seattle, Washington, USA