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Sir: A B&B in a prison setting? ("A night in Brixton jail for pounds 50", 14 September) The Swedes have been offering it for years. For a modest sum you can sleep in an ex-cell of Langholmen prison in Stockholm, in a lakeside situation, close to the city centre. And you are not locked in.



Sir: I recently visited Thailand. The question I was asked most frequently by Thai friends and colleagues was, "Why has the BBC stopped broadcasting to Thailand?" These people, many British-educated, now had to watch CNN (considered very inferior) to receive foreign news broadcasts.

The answer, of course, is that the BBC transmissions to South-east Asia used one of Rupert Murdoch's satellites and he stopped that, for fear that unbiased BBC reporting might damage his commercial interests in China. He has damaged British relations with several friendly South-east Asian countries. Is he going to be allowed to ruin football as well?



Sir: The next time Uri Geller gives his inner divinity an outing (letter, 11 September) on some Saturday night light entertainment programme, he might like to try returning a badly twisted spoon to its perfect original shape. A truly serious purpose.