Letters: Limits on speed

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Sir: Howard Fuller, in his letter (22 September), is typical of the myopic, car-centred drivers who operate on the assumption that only they and their journey matter.

I write as a driver, but also as a horse owner and horse rider who regularly has to cross a long, straight length of urban road, without side turnings, which cuts across open land. The speed limit is 40mph, which drivers take to mean 60mph because they perceive it to be unreasonable. Thereby selfishly putting myself and my horse at risk.

Only a few months ago, during the day and with excellent visibility, a car stopped to allow me to cross. Two more stopped as I stepped into the road but a fourth, ignoring the speed limit, went into the back of the stationary cars. I was only saved from injury by the foresight of the driver in the first car, who had his hand brake on, and the good fortune to ride a horse who is, up to a point, bombproof. She reared up nevertheless.


London E15