LETTERS: `No' to Sunny D

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`No' to Sunny D

Sir: When I read the article "Detox the kids. The bogeyman is in your fridge" (Review, 13 August) I despaired. Proctor and Gamble have produced something so sickly and gloopy that it is the liquid equivalent of a packet of sweets.

Of course children like it. They also liked the fact that all their friends were drinking it, and their parents, apparently, liked the ease with which their children could be placated. With everyone buying into the craze, sales have soared.

Now parents are complaining that the stuff is not good for their children. Excuse me? Are they incapable of reading the label on the bottles?

Many people seem to want instant gratification for their children because it makes for a quiet life, but surely parenting is about taking some responsibility, reading the small print and then, maybe, saying no.

Lewes, East Sussex