Letters: Perils of speed

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Sir: Harry Payne (letter, 24 September) should not be so blase about routinely exceeding the speed limit. If you are driving at 35mph and you hit a pedestrian, then the victim of your carelessness is twice as likely to die as if you were doing 30mph. The vast majority of motorists don't appreciate the tragedy they could cause by going "a bit too fast".

With widespread reports about so-called zero tolerance in 30mph zones, we would prefer it if the Government tried more education rather than more enforcement. Institute of Advanced Motorists statistics show that responsible advanced drivers are less likely to be involved in road traffic collisions - a fact recognised by insurance companies.

The Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions is well placed to promote the benefits of further driving training in both its Speed Policy Review recommendations and in the Casualty Reduction Targets strategy.


Chief Examiner, Institute of Advanced Motorists

London W4