Letters: Ron Davies' courage

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Letters: Ron Davies' courage

Sir: It is regrettable that Labour politicians and party officials have pressured Ron Davies to resign as chair of the Welsh Assembly's economic development committee (report, 1 July). Their pressure follows his recent revelation that he is bisexual, prone to compulsive risk-taking, and receiving psychiatric treatment.

Mr Davies has shown refreshing honesty and bravery. Surely his candour deserves respect and admiration.

Since a substantial body of psychological and anthropological research suggests that most people are born with a bisexual potential, Mr Davies's bisexuality is nothing exceptional. It is certainly no justification for the apparent embarrassment and shame felt by his Labour colleagues.

Equally unjustified is their response to Mr Davies's confirmation that he is having psychiatric treatment to control his risk-taking behaviour. Acknow-ledgement and openness about mental welfare issues is something the Government is seeking to encourage in new health initiatives.

Why, then, is Labour undermining an MP who has had the wisdom and courage to make the responsible choice of seeking therapy?



London SW14