Letters: Window on sexism

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Window on sexism

Sir: Ani Harris's letter (30 June) struck a chord. Last year I was seeking to replace the windows in my house and organised an appointment with one of the leading suppliers.

The salesperson (female) arrived and I apologised that my husband had been delayed and would be unable to join us. She looked stricken and said that company policy prohibited her from dealing with a wife on her own.

"But I'm the main breadwinner in the household."

"I'm sorry, but it's company policy."

"Supposing I was single?"

"Well, we know you're not, and company policy means that I can't deal with a wife on her own."

I showed her the door, feeling let down by a fellow female, and later placed several thousand pounds worth of business with a company who recognise that a wife can have a mind (and cheque book) of her own.

When will businesses realise that sexism isn't just offensive, but bad for business?

Sevenoaks, Kent